Studio One 2.6.3 ist da

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Studio One 2.6.3 ist da

Beitrag von MarkusH » 19 Jul 2014 - 19:11

Studio One erneut upgedated:

Studio One 2.6.3 Release Notes

Studio One 2.6.3 has the following new features and enhancements:

- Drag-and-drop audio from arrangement to third-party plug-ins
- Cross-platform support for the CAF (ALAC and LPCM) codec format
- Convert audio part slices to quantize grid via drag-and-drop
- Added network support for Capture for iPad
- [Windows] Support for more than five screens

Studio One 2.6.3 fixes the following issues:

- Save bug when instrument track name contains a dot
- Crash when using Mute tool in editor Envelope view
- Septole missing in quantize menu
- [OSX] Crash when switching to default preset on ProEQ
- Odd event selection when using Shift and arrow keys
- Return to start on stop option sends MIDI Clock Start
- Audio Bend not working correctly with files that don't have song sample rate
- Rare crackle in loop playback
- Automation micro adjustments not possible with remote device
- Extension uninstall disables next extension
- Crash when removing plug-in via context menu
- Crash when undoing an instrument transform
- [Win] Melda plug-ins not resizeable
- [Win] Freeze when right-clicking on video view in 64-bit version
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