StudioOne 4 - inzwischen sogar schon 4.0.1

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StudioOne 4 - inzwischen sogar schon 4.0.1

Beitrag von MarkusH »

Hui - da hat man hier aber lange nichts mehr über StudioOne mitgeteilt. PreSonus StudioOne ist seit Mai als Version 4 da und hat schon den ersten Bugfix hinter sich. Es haben sich sicher shcon einige auf YouTube schlau gemacht. Nur der Vollständigkeit halber auch hier:

StudioOne hat jetzt u.a. einen richtigen Sampler und kann AAF-Files im- und exportieren. Ripple-Edit, wie es PT-User kennen (da heißt es wohl shuffle-mode) gibt es auch - dazu ist ARA2 implementiert, das aber noch auf eine neue Melodyne-Version wartet. Step-Sequencer für Drums und Keyboards - mit ziemlich coolen Funktionen.
Ein Chord-Track ist in der Lage, alle Spuren - auch polyphones Audio, auf Veränderungen im Chord-Schema zu transponieren.
Dann gibt es noch ein paar Schmankerl mehr...

Hier die Liste.

Arrangement / Editing
• Chord Track
• Realtime chord re-harmonization of Audio and Instrument Tracks
• Intuitive Chord Selector
• Automatic chord detection
• Realtime chord input from MIDI device
• Song Key Signature with detection
• Chord Transpose
• ARA 2 support
• Expanded “Send to Notion” option for lead sheet creation
• Ripple edit mode
• Relative bar offset for songs
• “Remove gaps” for Events

Virtual Instruments – Impact XT
• new look and feel
• 8 pad banks
• 32 outputs (16 stereo, 16 mono)
• color option for pads
• new 24dB zero-delay feedback filter
• filter drive and punch controls
• filter "soft" (clipping) mode
• pad and individual sample editing
• new stack mode for layering samples on a pad
• realtime time-stretching (follow song tempo)
• trigger quantization
• sample choke with 32 choke groups
• reverse sample playback
• sample level normalization
• increased pitch envelope range (+/- 48 semitones or 8 octaves)
• improved sample navigation
• “Pad Follow” mode for remote navigation
• drag & drop pad swapping
• drag & drop multiple samples at once
• optional auto-slicing on sample import (shift)
• “Send to new Impact” shortcut in audio context menu
• drag & drop sample import from Sample One XT and Presence XT
• import and export of multisample files and ".soundx" containers
• eight user-selectable color themes

Virtual Instruments – Sample One XT
• new look and feel
• record page with live sampling
• samples from any hardware input, send, output, other instrument
• auto-slicing mode creates new samples automatically with adjustable gate
• global and individual (sample) edit modes
• fx section: modulation, delay, reverb, gater, eq, distortion, pan
• expandable keyboard
• realtime time-stretching (follow song tempo)
• sample snap to zero crossing
• sample crossfade
• waveform slicing option
• sample trim option
• sample sustain, release and ping-pong loop modes
• graphical envelopes with adjustable attack, decay, release curve shapes
• increased pitch envelope range (+/- 48 semitones or 8 octaves)
• alternative trigger modes: normal, one-shot, toggle
• visual play cursor in waveform view
• sample reverse playback
• sample level normalization
• new 24dB zero-delay feedback filter
• filter drive and punch controls
• filter "soft" (clipping) mode
• LFO random (sample+hold) mode
• master volume control
• adjustable voice limit
• import and export of multisample files and ".soundx" containers
• drag & drop export to Impact XT
• eight user-selectable color themes

Virtual Instruments – Presence XT Editor
• sample snap to zero crossing
• reverse playback option
• 1,000 choke groups
• ping-pong loop mode
• play-cursor in waveform display Music Editor
• Drum Editor
• Drum and Melodic Patterns and Variations
• Patterns saved in Musicloop
• Automatic mapping (Impact XT)
• Alternate note coloring schemes
• Sync option for editors
• “Select notes...” options
• New or improved note event options (Humanize, Length, Velocity, Delete Notes)
• Multiple Macro toolbars (page selection)
• Improved multi-editing
• Preserve and restore zoom states

Import / Export
• AAF Import / Export (supports Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Final Cut Pro, Premiere and others)
• Import Song Data

User Interface
• Alternative “light” color scheme
• Additional appearance presets
• Updated mix console design
• Track / Channel Notepad

• New Sound Set “Impact XT Kits and Sounds” (1.8 GB)
• New Demos and Tutorials (1.6 GB)

• External Plug-in scanner (VST2, VST3)
• MP3 Encoding in all versions

added in 4.0.1:
New features and Improvements:

• Studio One 4 Prime available
• [Impact XT] Keep MIDI note assignment when using "Clear Pad" or "Clear Bank”
• [Impact XT] "Show in Finder/Explorer" option in pad context menu
• [Sample One XT] Improved backwards compatibility
• [Pattern Editor] Improved Variation selection (clickable area)
• [Pattern Editor] Added tool tips for columns
• [Drum Editor] Note color by pitch reflects pad colors when Impact XT is used
• Improved editors scrolling, zoom and focus behavior
• Ripple Edit now also working in Audio Editor
• Default color for chords
• Light Theme adjustments
• The editors have a minimum size now
• Various user interface design corrections
• Various localization fixes
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